Matthew and Nabeela Steinberg

Matthew and Nabeela Steinberg met in their senior year of high school, 1997. Nabeela and Matthew were married in 2002.

Matthew, Chrissy’s son, is a veteran Reptile Family member, and actually started the business with Chrissy and Joe in 1992. He got his first gopher snake when he was six. Matthew is a 2001 graduate of the Moorpark College Teaching Zoo, earning certificates of achievement in Exotic Animal Management, Animal Training, and Wildlife Education. He is working toward his degree in herpetology.

Nabeela concurrently completed the LA Zoo course in 1999, and went on to work with a menagerie of animals, including primates, elephants and hippopotamus. She spent three years in the reptile house, working with venomous and non- venomous reptiles, and she worked in the educational department in the Zoo Mobile. Nabeela is continuing her education in Zoology.

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