Hi Chrissy

Well I don’t even know how to begin to say, “Thank you!” Let me start by telling you something you already know. Matthew is an absolute gem. He made such an impact on all of us, not only by his “performance,” but his incredible personality and ability to entertain all of us. He truly made the show even more special by his awesome personality. As for the reptiles, we were thrilled! They were beautiful, and it was so much fun. Having the Reptile Family come to our house was the best gift for everyone. I know that many people at our party are very interested in having you come to their parties and do some wildlife shows. Please thank Matthew for all of us – he is definitely in the right business!

L. Garcia

Dear John and Chrissy,

Thank you so much for bringing the wonderful reptiles to Hollygrove. The children and staff all had a fantastic time. I especially liked the big yellow snake, and I think he liked me.

Thank you again,
L.S. – Hollygrove Orphans Home

Hi Chrissy,

Please give your brother, John, a great bit THANK YOU from Pack 608! My husband the boys went nuts over everything, and they loved the presentation. He even walked away with some new information that he didn’t know.

Anyhow, we appreciate all your efforts transporting the critters, and we appreciate all the great information that John was able to share. The kids walked away having learned a lot, and having a ball doing it.

Thanks again,
Cub Scout Pack 608

Dear Chrissy and Joe,

What a wonderful Mensa Labor Day weekend we had, and you were a major part of the event. Your program had so many positive comments, that I’m sure some speaker’s bureau would love to have that star power.

Your program was informative and entertaining and your audience didn’t want to allow you to leave. Many who were very afraid to see the show, standing along the sidelines, peeking, soon joined in and had a great time. Just when I think you’re the best, you surpass even my opinion.

Warmest regards,
Robin H.
Mensa Regional Gathering

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