The Safari Extravaganza

OUR MOST POPULAR SHOW! Our Safari Extravaganza is the Live Show our clients have known and loved for over 25 years! The cost of The Safari Extravaganza Birthday package is $450.

This package includes:

  • 60+ minute show
  • Special meeting with one of our tegu or monitor lizards, our 50 lb tortoise, our biggest frog or toad and our 10ft burmese python.
  • "the usual suspects" may include: * Scorpion or Tarantula * Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches * White's Treefrogs * Water Dragon * Bearded Dragon * Blue–Tongue Skinks * medium Tegu Lizard * Box Turtle * Russian Tortoise * small Spurred Tortoise * Milk Snake or King Snake * Ground Boa or Ball Python *
  • Access to our invitation download page
  • Our show concludes with a "Family Squeeze" for the birthday star and their family




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