Burmese Python
Python molurus bivittatus

• this is a subspecies of the Indian python
• occurs in southern and southeastern Asia
• nocturnal
• found in the rainforest
• the young can climb trees, but are mostly terrestrial as adults, due to their size
• it is an invasive species in Florida, feeding on various animals there, including endangered wildlife


Flowerback Box Turtle
Cistoclemmys galbinifrons

• they occur in northern Vietnam, in the Southern Guangxi Province of China and on Hainan Island
• habitat: damp woodlands
• they are omnivores, feeding on vegetation, insects and worms


Chinese Water Dragon
Physignathus cocincinus

• can be found southern parts of China and southeast Asia
• habitat: found in trees along banks of freshwater streams and lakes
• adults can grow up to 2-3 feet in length
• feeds on vegetation, insects, small fish and mammals


Water Monitor
Varanus salvator

• found in various region throughout southern Asia, near water
• semi-aquatic
• average length for adults: over 4ft.
• feeds on fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, carrion


Whites Tree Frog
Litoria caerulea

• found in Australia and New Guinea; introduced to New Zealand
• can grow up to 4 inches in length
• like other amphibians, they absorb oxygen through moist skin
• they eat insects, small mammals and small frogs


Legless Lizard

Native to Russia

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